Is Your "Natural" Lotion Actually Harming Your Skin?!

Is Your Lotion Actually Harming Your Skin?
Top 4 “Natural” Lotions and Why Their Ingredients Might Be Bad For You

Having a consumer product business has so many benefits, one of them being you become extremely knowledgable about other products. What truly gets under my skin are products who tout themselves as natural, but the ingredients say otherwise. We all fall for the crafty marketing; however, millions, if not billions of dollars a year are spent on just what sells. Unfortunately, brands know what consumers want to hear, and are willing to fabricate a few little white lies to ensure their product will land in your hands. How do you avoid these products, you might wonder?In this post we will cover the top 4 “natural” lotions, and what ingredients you need to look out for the next time your in the grocery store:)

1.) Burts Bees Body Lotion. Benzyl Alcohol is an ingredient primarily used as a preservative.This particular ingredient has proven over time break down the immune system and cause an increase of immune system response. EWG lists this as a 5 in their database, stating- occupational hazards; other MODERATE concerns: organ system toxicity (nonreproductive). So why use this ingredient? Well because it's cheap. And as a major disclaimer, do NOT use this on your baby. Benzyl Alcohol is actually banned in baby products because it has harmful side effects for little ones.

2.) Lucas Paw Paw Balm.Yikes, we know! This surely has a cult following. As it appears in its cute red tube, with promises of exotic ingredients, there is something you should know. It is 96% Petroleum jelly. Yes. You read that right. 96%. Petroleum Jelly is a liquid paraffin oil that is a by- product of the oil industry. It is heavily processed to refine the tendency to house carcinogens. Although they do state that it has been thoroughly cleansed, it is most certainly not renewable. It also creates a barrier on your skin, not allowing your skin to breath.

3.) Aveeno. This product is commonly known for being Natural or Wholesome, but did you know Aveeno actually contains ingredients such as- STYRENE (a known endocrine disruptor) SOBUTYLPARABEN ( Developmental/reproductive toxicity, Biochemical or cellular level changes) and the dreaded OXYBENZONE, which is included in 10 of their products.

4.) Kiehls. A brand that peddles a natural vibe for their products. Firstly, they test on animals, which I personally think is cruel and so wrong. (Side note- any brand that sells in China MUST test on animals. Many say, China enforces such rules because it’s a source of revenue for the country as the testing facilities are controlled by the government). Secondly, their products contain triethanolamine (TEA). TEA is classified as - expected to be toxic or harmful according to Environment Canada Domestic Substance List. Also, strong evidence points to TEA as a human immune and respiratory toxicant or allergen.

Believe me, I HATE fear tactics. Motivating someone to buy a product based on fear, goes against everything I believe. So don’t use fear to motivate your next purchase. What I hate even more, is people being taken advantage of. The more you know, the more educated decisions you can make. Even if you still decide these products are best for you; then by all means! Find what works for you, just know that everything is not always what it seems. Also, there are many alternatives that you can use, for around the same price. You should never have to choose something that is potentially harmful just because it is cheaper. Stay Tuned. Even if you cant afford very much, I will show you in the next couple of weeks, moisturizing hacks to keep your budget happy, and the dry skin at bay!

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